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Cory Wright is a multi-talented graphic designer, art director and all around good guy. He has worked with clients all over the world from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

He has worked in design since 1999 and can create everything from logos to websites incorporating the needs of the client and the creativity in his own mind.

My Work

  • New Media-Comm design
  • rory-dillon
  • photoshop illustration by Cory Wright.
  • The new Crossridge Cafe Homepage design.
  • Theater advertisement by Cory Wright
  • CO2-8.5x5.51-front
  • Grocery-Outlet-TASTE-Full-right
  • hospital_ad3

Animation and Production

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Animated Ads


Documentary Videos

  • Media Space. While this short documentary was created for a college class nearly 13 years ago, on a budget of $0, and using nothing but my home computer, VHS tapes from the library, and very limited web content at the time, I think it turned out pretty good in terms of composition and timing. Created with Adobe Premiere and After Effects (and a VCR). 400+mg file.


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