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Cory Wright is a multi-talented graphic designer, art director and all around good guy. He has worked with clients all over the world from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

He has worked in design since 1999 and can create everything from logos to websites incorporating the needs of the client and the creativity in his own mind.

My Work

  • New Media-Comm design
  • rory-dillon
  • photoshop illustration by Cory Wright.
  • The new Crossridge Cafe Homepage design.
  • Theater advertisement by Cory Wright
  • CO2-8.5x5.51-front
  • Grocery-Outlet-TASTE-Full-right
  • hospital_ad3

My Name is Cory Wright.

Nice to meet you.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the ultimate digital artists toolkit. I have used these tools throughout my career to create everything from advertisements to book covers to custom illustrations and photo manipulations.

Web Design

Using Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, along with WordPress and Joomla, I have designed websites for small businesses, large corporations and personal endeavors.

Adobe Illustrator

Logo creation, ad design, vector assets for any purpose. I work with Illustrator everyday to create high-end vector graphics.


Trained in 3D animation and certified in Advance Character Animation, my work has ranged from television commercials to Flash web banners.

Adobe InDesign

I have used InDesign to create award winning publications (1999 Winner Best Full Color Publication from the Nevada Press Association) books of every kind and monthly magazines.

But wait . . . there’s more.

I continue to learn new software, new techniques, and new trends in design keeping myself at the forefront of my trade. Stay tuned for what comes next.

You talking to me?

Well, you must be talking to me, or if you aren’t, contact me below.

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